We’re brothers. computer games are our passion. We look with a bit of a nostalgia at games from our childhood, games we were brought up on. We wish for our projects to trigger the same sort of emotions as those from back then. To do so we’ve started an independent company TwoMammoths and we are in the process of creating our first product: Archaica: The Path Of Light. As for the future we are planning to face a legend of many games that has bewitched us in the past.



Piotr Turecki
Scientific mind
Piotr design, programs and minds that everything works

During the period of primary school, he played Civilization with dedication , game that has set his future interests. He started to learn how to program, in order to create computer games, and it has become his passion ever since. He had created nine simple games, mostly for DOS, by the time he was fifteen. Every single each one of them was testing the next generation of his graphic libraries. He met his wife during the university’s period of his life. He had disassembled the game she liked to play a lot (Paranoid), to decipher files including maps and then he made a map editor. He wrote some interesting projects for his university’s assessments- worth mentioning is the simple operating system or the program, solving game boards from Chromatron. This game inspired the first project by TwoMammoths duet. He had finished studies and was awarded distinction Master Degree-subject: his own 3D engine with attention to realistic graphic. That’s what he was doing in his professional life for few following years. Archaica: The Path Of Light is also based on the very same engine.

In the private life, he’s the greatest fan of his two daughters (4y and 2y). His interests fall within sci-fi literature, strategic games and Lego ( especially classic-space), he builds constructions according his own designs (when he’s got a minute to spare). He plays chess. He looks back with a tear in his eye on games like Civilization, X-COM, Quake, Another World, and many more.



Marcin Turecki
Marcin designs, and takes care of a visual part of the game

Since the early childhood he was showing interests in drawing and computer games. He organized his first exhibition inspired by sci-fi literature while in forth grade of the primary school. He had spent many nights in front of the computer screen sinking deep into the world of games, and that reflected in his drawings. His very first sci-fi stories were illustrated in Paint. Detailed maps he had created for the games like Duke Nukem 3D and Starcraft, were adopted later for amateur projects. For an exam at the art’s high school Marcin presented a drawn board game inspired by the graphic of Prince of Persia. He has painted many “en plein air” oil paintings. DIY methods were used to create graphics and after-shot animations to illustrate Piotr’s first strategy games. His “Chess for Three” has won a prize for the best thesis in the county. He undertook two university courses: History of art at the Jagiellonian University and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. The time of studies was a time of great artistic adventure and experimenting with various media ( he made movies, installations, and happenings) that concluded in publication of his master’s thesis from History of art and distinction degree from Academy of fine Arts. In the following year, he organized a major exhibition of his work under the title of “Texture”. The exhibition was acclaimed a cultural event of the month in Krakow. He gained his professional experience as a freelancer and a graphic designer in advertising and at the Artifex Mundi company.

He loves adventure games and Sci-Fi literature. He writes short stories, letters and poems. While travelling by a public transport, he often opens his sketchbook and draws people met by chance. The games he recalls with affection are: Syndicate, Another World, X-COM, Quake, and Starcraft.


People who helped or are helping us on various parts of the project:

Przemysław Hytroś, Grzegorz Włodarski, Krystian Kofin, Paweł Szczyrbak, Dawid Schatton, Krzysztof Zięba, Dorota Jędrzejak, Mateusz Lewczuk


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e-mail: info@twomammoths.com